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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Fresh Diet - Day 6

Monday was day 6 on this fabulous journey through The Fresh Diet meals.  I can not emphasis enough how good this food has been.  Even today, as sick as I have been, the consistency of the food has been there.  The fact that all I needed to do was warm it up made it easy for me to eat well when I was feeling pretty lousy.

Even as the darkness surrounded my home, even with the holiday that had many businesses closed, my Fresh Diet driver delivered my bag to my door.  When I came downstairs to make the coffee (that is my only consistency in the morning) and looked outside my kitchen door, there was my buddy - my new buddy.   Sitting there waiting for me was the "blue" side of the family - the cousin.  Having taken the weekend off, I was hoping that things would start off with just as well as last week - and it did.

Breakfast was yet another new entree for me, which I really like - absolutely NOT a boring way to eat -  Portabella Mushroom, Shallot and Parmesan Cheese Egg Bake with Fresh Papaya.  When I opened the container I thought - oh its in a filo dough sheet - how cute.  Well I guess that should have been my FIRST clue that I was really sick - it was wax paper that my eggs were wrapped in to keep them from getting "rubbery" or mush when it was reheated.  I have to admit I have never had Portabella mushrooms in a breakfast meal.  With the Parmesan Cheese it gave you a variety of flavors as you ate.  The cheese had a slightly crunchy/salty taste and the mushrooms had a slightly tart/sharp taste.  When put together in the eggs and baked it made a very pleasing meal.  The papaya was so bright orange and soft, but not "mushy" and sweet.  It was the best of both worlds - fruit and eggs.

I had to take my car to the dealer to have them look at things (no horn and a sunroof that doesn't close isn't a good thing) and I thought - oh this will be a piece of cake, then I will be back to have lunch.  Well of course Murphy's Law came into play and it took much longer than expected, so by the time I got home I was really hungry, but I think it was almost 5 hours since I had breakfast! 

Lunch was Lemon Pepper Grilled Shrimp Salad with Yellow Tomato, Romaine Lettuce, Whole Wheat Croutons & Ranch Dressing.  Yes you get to have Ranch dressing - which is normally so off limits to someone on a diet - but Chef has figured out a way to do both.  Again, this was a very filling meal, though not as large as the Salmon Salad from Wednesday.  The croutons had a very interesting flavor and actually tasted a little "salty".  Now is it because the salt has been limited in these meals or were they really salty or was it because they were "soft" and not extra crunchy like most croutons?  I'm not sure, but they added just that little "mmmm" to the entree.  The Shrimp was so sweet and firm  and then drizzling the dressing over all - it was perfection!  I could have this often and not get my fill of it.

The Hors D'Oevre of the day was Louisiana Style Cod Cake with Onions, Garlic and Bell Pepper.  Now I am not a huge fish fan (I know I know but really I've had shellfish entrees not too many "fish" entrees) but I had decided I would try different things this week, which was why I had chosen this.  I have to say that this was not bad at all, though it could have used some Horseradish Sauce, as it did seem a little dry to me.  I really don't know how they got this to stay together, because it was definitely NOT by bread crumbs, but it was a nice tight "ball" that was all fish inside.

Dinner was a very interesting mix.  Grilled Chicken Breast with Roasted Yellow Pepper & Shallot Sauce with Whole Wheat Angel Hair Pasta and Cilantro Roasted Yellow Tomato.  Again, I am "color challenged" as you can see from the picture, I needed something green or red (I should have gotten those beets).  But I was craving Pasta and this one was perfect.  The Yellow Tomato was pretty good, soft from the roasting but not falling apart.  But, I have to say, it wasn't a "Jersey Tomato".  I would definitely have this one again 

And then there was dessert!  I still can't wrap my head around the fact that there is ALWAYS room for dessert.  The plan has a little bit of everything, yet leaves enough room to have a nice dessert.

Today was cheesecake - Pineapple Cheese Cake.  I know you were so surprised!   It was really good as there was the little sweet kick of pineapple that you could taste in every bite.  This isn't a heavy firm NY style cheese cake that I am use to - but those are seriously heavy in calories - but so nice and creamy that you almost forget its not a NY style.

I have to say that normally when I feel so bad (this cold or whatever it is came on quickly - full blown in 24 hours) the last thing I want to do is eat.  This was a wonderful surprise.  Everything had a good taste, was "just enough" without being heavy.

Chef - you did it again.  Thank you.

Oh and remember I couldn't find my picture of Friday's dessert ?  I knew I had taken a picture, but I couldn't find it to save my life.  Well just to show I DID have cheese cake yet again, and it was all legal and legit!  ....


Mimi said...

What a great treat to wake up to every day!

Hugs & love,

Sis. Boom. said...

How fun that we had the EXACT same menu items for the entire day!!! Great minds!!!