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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Best buys for Best prices by month

The Ladies Home Journal had a list, by month, of things to buy when to help you save money "all year long"

As it says Mark your Calendar 

Linens and Towels are at a discount during January's White Sales

Winter Clothes, coats and boots.  While you may still need to use them, based on the weather, the stores are making room for Spring.

Small electronics (think digital cameras) from last year are cheaper because they are "last years model", while the new models (which may not be much different) are just hitting the stores.

Cookware and other household items are typically on sale as retailers get ready for Wedding Gift Season.

Yard Sales and Flea Markets start to get into full swing as the weather gets nicer in May

Summer Gym Memberships.  When others start to flock outside for their exercise, gyms try to bring them (and you) inside.

Holiday Sales!  Holidays seem to be an excuse for big sales on everything trying to part you and your money.

Most summer gear goes on sale in August because the Fall goods are waiting for a spot on the sales floor.  You can get some great deals on "summer" things and still have the time to use them before packing them away.

Back to School Deals.  With everyone from your brand new kindergartner to college student needing pretty much everything now a days, September is great for deals.  Besides, you usually need to get a list from the teacher to tell you what they want for that year.  And you can probably score a computer at a fairly good discount.

Home appliances.  The fall is when the new models are introduced, so last years model are offered at a discount.  And since appliances don't change that drastically year to year ... this could be a great buy.
Best stuff buy October

Toys and Flat Screen TVs are usually a better bargain now.  And Holiday sales are starting earlier and earlier - not just Black Friday.

Seasonal Items are usually at super deep discounts.  The week after Christmas is a great time to buy your holiday cards and wrapping paper as well as other decorations and ornaments.  The stores either do not have the space to store these seasonal items or don't want to use the precious space - either way you can score BIG.

This list doesn't take into account any of the individual store sales - that may be at different times of the year because of overstocks, slower moving merchandise or close outs.

I'm marking my calendar so I will remember to look for sales during these months or know when to "wait" and when to "shop".

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Mimi said...

Wow this is a really great list. I'm going to print it out!

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