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Friday, July 2, 2010

Starbucks, parting is such sweet sorrow

MMMM so sorry Mr. Starbucks, you know my daughter just loves to visit you, but alas you can be a very expensive habit, even when you are just doors from where she works, but we must cut you out (or at least WAY WAY back). You know money doesn't grow on trees and lately doesn't stay in my pocket or even "show up" in my long lost pockets, so we must cut back somewhere.

But I will say that we will not be doing without our frozen coffee blends, thank goodness, right Jenn? If you remember I had picked up a VitaMix from Costco's after trying to decide if I really wanted to spend all that money, but it finally won out. If not, or if you need a refresher, you can read about it here.

Anyway, as I'm getting things done around here this afternoon, before the holiday weekend, I'm thinking how much I could go for a frappuccino. But I was being good, so into the kitchen I go to see if I could do something that would satisfy me. I see some leftover coffee from this morning (I know) and thought what the heck, and put 1 cup in the VitaMix along with some Coconut Creme Coffeemate and ice. Gave that baby a whirl and bam, my very own coffee smoothie / frappuccino (just really smooth) coffee for nothing more than what was in my kitchen.

Now I know Starbucks doesn't use Coffeemate, but they do use flavored syrups. I also know that I can get some pretty big bottles from netrition.com. I think that have something like 25 different flavors available (ok I didn't count) that are all sugar free because they use a liquid version of Splenda that truly has zero calories. I really like netrition.com they have all kinds of things and shipping is great - very very low no matter how much you buy - $4.95 flat to all 48 Continental States (sorry Hawaii and Alaska). I usually order the protein powder and fiber powder (since both bake really well) as well as the syrups and a few other things from time to time. You really should check out everything they have to offer. Anyway, now that my ramble is done...........

Once I get these back in my kitchen (yes it use to look like a barrister lived here) I will be making more of these on a regular basis and will have perfected my version I am sure. Coffee, DaVinci Syrup and FF milk or Soy milk and ice - perfect together.

I will say though, that after I made this by just throwing things into it - I am really psyched to try some of the ice cream recipes that I saw in the "cookbook" that was included. I could be hording ice to make these and the ice cream - sorry honey the ice tea may have to wait.

This is one of those "free" reviews - no compensation is being received for this review since nobody but you and I know that I even posted this let alone will see my review. But I want to tell you ---- this is just too good to miss!

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Mimi said...

I might try some of these in my food processor or Majic Bullet. I've had success with fruit smoothies so far!