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Saturday, July 24, 2010

losing it

I am beginning to think I am losing it - completely.

Before Jenn and I went to VA - quick trip only pictures of Reggie the cat - to visit my sister, the kids and my son, we went to Pub 199 (cheap steak, lobster, king crab legs) that has really great food.  Now we went on a week ago Thursday, and I swear I took my store "advantage" card tags off my key ring and put them in the drawer.  I know I didn't take it with us when we went to VA since most of the stores on there (including my gym membership card that expired and my library card) would never work down there, but for the life of me I can NOT find it.

Now  -  does that mean I don't have to do the grocery shopping since I can't find my "sale" cards?  How long do you think I could get away with that one?

Well I'm sure that isn't going to work - you see we have this thing about eating - we like to, maybe too much, but we do.  So I will need to go crazy looking for it before grocery day (tomorrow usually).  Oh and when I find it --- I'll let you know just how far off I was (or how far I've really lost my mind - which maybe I'll find with my "sale" cards).

Wish me luck.

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