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Monday, May 18, 2015

Super Easy Bagel Sandwich

imagine having this in your lunch
or maybe you kids lunch

Serves: 1
1 bagel
2 tbsp. desired nut butter (peanut, almond, cashew or sunflower) 
1–2 strawberries

Cut bagel in half and spread 1 tbsp. nut butter on each side of bagel.  
I would make my own nut butter with the Chop 'n Prep so that I know it is fresh and it hasn't been sitting on the store shelf for who knows how long.  And kids love to help.

Slice strawberries using Slice ’N Wedge Kitchen Gadget.
Assemble sandwich and store overnight in Sandwich Keeper.

Sandwiches can also be frozen and, once defrosted, the fresh strawberries are more jam-like.

Here is the Slice 'n Wedge Gadget that is used here.  I use mine quite a bit for softer fruits and hard boiled eggs (which of course I make in the Smart Steamer).  If you'd like to see what else we have to offer for this Summer or during Birthday month you can check out my Tupperware Site.  All kinds of wonderful things available with new colors for Summer!

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