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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hidden Veggie Burger

You many be like many of us, who face the veggie challenge with some of our family members. You want them to increase their intake of veggies (or just get them to eat SOME veggies) but they are always balking at the idea.  

Checkout the "Hidden" Veggie Burger.

What I like about this one is that the veggies are actually ground into the meat so those "picky" non-veggie eaters will not be able to "pick them out" and probably won't even know they are there.  

Just another one of the benefits of the Tupperware Fusion Master.  

I'm betting you could do the same thing with a meatloaf, whether you make it into a loaf or in muffin cups for easy individual servings.

Check out the Tupperware Fusion Master on my Tupperware Site so that you can be making your own ground meats so you know what's in what you are serving to your family. 

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