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Friday, May 29, 2015

Lets make the ordinary GREAT.

Sometimes I like to wonder around the web and look for things to make me smile or just make me sit up and take notice.  Sometimes I find things that make me just think - well of course that's what you need to do.  

This is one of them.

Don't wait for
seize the 
common occasions,
and make them 

Orison Swett

I think that this is more of a reminder that ANY day or event can be great, it doesn't have to be the most extraordinary thing we have ever heard or seen.  

It is what we do with the "normal" or "ordinary" that can make them great.

Lets grab today and make it great.  No matter what is suppose to happen today, it CAN be GREAT.

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Katherines Corner said...

Lovely, I invite you to share at my Thursday blog hop ( you can link up through Sat. midnight) xo