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Thursday, October 16, 2014

What type of Tupperware Person are you?

I saw this one the other day from my manager - and thought it was really perfect.

Many of you are not even aware of how Tupperware has changed over the years, you still think of us as those "burp" bowls.  Oh we still have those, but believe me we are NOT your Mama's Tupperware, so check us out.

No matter which type of Tupperware Person you are - I would really love to be your Tupperware Consultant or Manager and help you reap all the benefits that Tupperware has to offer.

Check out all the wonderful products that we have to offer on my Tupperware Site and see if you don't agree we have changed over the years.  

Here are some things to check out to see how we've changed:

  • the Mandolin, 
  • the Stack Cooker,
  • the Smart Steamer (the perfect way to steam your food IN the microwave), 
  • the UltraPro System (in the oven or microwave or tandem cook)
  • the Fusion Master (make your own hamburger, ground chicken, ground turkey, stuffed pastas)
  • the FridgeSmart System,
  • Vent 'n Serve Pieces (no leftovers make PLANNED overs)
  • the Lunch Kits 
  • Cookware (yes the pots and pans are AWESOME)
See I told you ... we are so much more than the "burp" bowls that made us famous.  Oh we still have those, but we have so much more to make your kitchen organized, functional and "fun" to be cooking in.  Check out these and so much more on my Tupperware Site.  Want more info ... message me.

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