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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Healthy Lung Month

Did you know that October was Healthy Lung Month?
I didn't but now that I have the some facts, I know that having and keeping your lungs healthy is not just because you were blessed with "healthy" genes.

Did you know that you breathe 11,000 liters of air each and every day?
I didn't - but WOW that is a lot of air!  Or that children and women breathe faster than men?  I did know that about children, but didn't know about women ... but you would have thought I would have, I mean I am a woman.  So if you are like me, you have already learned something from this post.

There are all kinds of things that you can do or steer away from, that will help keep your lungs healthy and thereby allowing YOU to stay around and influence others to do the same.
Just the very simple act of minimizing or eliminating your exposure to air pollution, avoiding toxic substances or stopping the use of tobacco products, or even better to never start smoking, will help keep your lungs healthy.  See I told you there are things that you can do to keep your lungs "clean".

I'm sure you have seen or heard those commercials/ad spots for Mesothelioma. For a while I thought every time we turned on the TV we heard at least one of those spots, but to be honest, I don't think I really paid attention.  But now that I have seen some of the facts, it is really scary!

There are so many ways, innocent ways, that you can be exposed to the Number One cause of Mesothelioma, that we need to be aware of.

There is a possible exposure to asbestos in commercial products, through commercial and industrial job sites and even our Military Vets were possibly exposed.  Prior to the 1970's asbestos was used in all kinds of construction materials - I remember seeing pipes in my house (originally built in the 20's and remodeled/added on to for years) wrapped in what was "assumed" to be an asbestos product.  I think that we all must take control and make sure that we are not exposed to asbestos or if we must, that we are protected and our families are protected from secondary exposure.

Because Mesothelioma can have a very long latency time period (as long as 35 - 40 years) the baby boomers and their families are those that are probably at greatest risk.  We didn't really know the extent of the potential damage/problems with asbestos during those years that so many were exposed.

I think that you need to know the symptoms and treatment so that we can be pro-active in seeking treatment.  But PLEASE don't become a hypochondriac when you see the symptoms.

Remember as you are reading them, that just because you have a particular symptom, it doesn't mean you have mesothelioma.  There are many symptoms of mesothelioma that are also common to other illnesses, which is one of the reasons that this is so hard to diagnose in the early stages.

Be informed, be vigilant, be proactive in your own health and that of your family and loved ones.  Remember that the lines of communication between you and your doctor are crucial.  He/She will help you get answers to questions that you need to ask. so that you can understand what is happening and how to go forward at each step of diagnosis and treatment along the way.

Need more information?
Check out the Mesothelioma blog where you can also request a free comprehensive Mesothelioma information packet.


Ruth Griffeth said...

Thank you very much for the information. I know in my family we are trying to do things more "eco-friendly" so not only good for right now but good in the long run. I am right now fighting to quit smoking it is horrible, that I cannot just quit. I have tried, and we are slowly succeeding, but I want to be done with it. I believe that all of us need to work on cutting down our "carbon footprint" but also we cannot expect it to be 0, we still need to live.

Literary Winner said...

I did not know that October is Healthy Lung Month! Makes me even happier that I managed to quit smoking years ago.

Lisa R said...

I have to try and quit smoking
I know its really bad

sibabe64 at ptd dot net

Susan Broughton said...

My Grandmother had a lot of trouble with her lungs. Thanks for the information. There are so many ways for your lungs to get compromised.

Laurie Floyd - Steals and Deals for Kids said...

How weird! I saw one of those commercials the other day and was asking my husband about different ways that people could get this! My uncle was exposed to asbestos in brake fluid at a younger age and he got lung cancer. This is scary stuff! Thanks for sharing!!

Dede said...

I didn't realize that mesothelioma was commonly misdiagnosed. How scary!

Derrick Todd said...

Very informative. Thanks for sharing this.

Natalie Parvis-Nichols said...

Lung problems are scary. I know I could live better for my lungs. I was doing great, so I need to get back on track.

lynn croxton said...

At least my boyfriend is smoking less and alternating with vapor e-cigarettes nowadays. I've heard conflicting information about the healthiness of e-cigs, but I figure they can't be any worse than tobacco. Well, unless they're made of asbestos, that is.

Michelle J. said...

Thanks for sharing. It's best to be informed.

Alexa Cohen said...

i hate smoking this is wonderful!

Heather62 said...

My beloved step-father died of lung cancer. Thank you for promoting lung health!

Betsy Barnes said...

This was some very interesting information! We have been very much of the air around us since my son has Asthma. He manages it well now at 21, thanks to all of keeping up! :)

jane ritz said...

I didn't know it was lung month.More should be said about lung diseases from cancer, asthma and other dieases.

slehan said...

So far, healthy lungs. I have other medical problems but not that one.

slehan at juno dot com