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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Take me as I am

I saw this one and just had to share.

How many of us try to "change" what we do or say or look like to "fit in"?  Admit it - we all do.


Don't change who you are for someone else .... you will always be happier being who YOU are and what someone WANTS you to be.

Besides the real YOU is always better than any PART you can play!


Sandra Sears said...

Sometimes its hard to remember that others thoughts do not matter. Live your life for you, no one else.

jheylo said...

that's true :D i actually see this quote on my FB wall and i like it. It's like TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT hehehhehe

Elisebet F said...

Very true. The way I look at it is God made each of us unique and beautiful just the way we are.

Helena Lemon said...

So true! I don't have to change for anyone but myself and the burden is on them if they find fault with me. I love the phrase "Take me as I am, or watch me as I walk away."