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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Last Chance for Modular Mate Sales

I don't know if you missed this or were planning on ordering before the sale ended and forgot, got busy, whatever, then didn't see that the sale had been extended.

BUT this is the last call .... your order for the wonderful Modular Mate at 40% or more off ends this Friday January 25, 2013 at MIDNIGHT.

This is also the end of the black seals that is AWESOME - I have a set (ok the mega set since its on sale for 50% off) that I am getting my cabinets/pantry organized with and have to say I LOVE THEM.

Don't miss out on this sale or I promise, you will be disappointed!  You can order your set or sets on my Tupperware site or you can email me and I will call you to get everything set up for your order.

So many wonderful things going on here at Tupperware - 65 years of WONDERFUL products that just keep getting better and better.

Check us out!

And don't miss my giveaway for the Hello Kitty Lunch Solution that every little girl would LOVE.
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