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Friday, January 20, 2012

Brother in Texas

Today we have a guest post from: Kent Lara

My brother-in-law is a pilot in the air force, and he has served for the past eight years.

Four years ago he was transferred to a base in Texas where he has served as a flight instructor for the past two years. He teaches new pilots how to fly smaller jets.

My husband is his brother, and both my husband and I are extremely proud of him. There is tremendous honor in serving our country in the capacity that he does. He works long hours, and I know he and his family have made many sacrifices as a part of the military lifestyle.

They do like being stationed in Texas. I think they like the community in which they live, and they bought a house three years ago. He recently switched his home to fixed-rate energy by looking into TXU Energy information from Texas Electricity Provider, and he has saved some money on his energy bills for the year. One good thing about living in a military community is that the real estate market does not dip as bad as in other places during hard times because there are always people moving in and out. Our home has dropped in value quite a bit, but my brother-in-law and his wife have not had the same experience. The transient nature of the military has kept housing prices fairly stable around the base.

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