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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Individual Cupcake Holder Special!

I know that for most of you, your kids have already finished up the school year or are almost finished, so school lunches are not in your mind at the moment.

But before you know it, the time for school lunches will be back again.  I know when my kids were small and we made cupcakes (or bought them) they would want to have one in their lunch.  They really thought that would be an awesome dessert.  And it would have been if there was a way to get them to school without having it looked like someone sat on it (and they probably did).  But of course Tupperware has an answer.

Now you can't order this one online, but you can order it through me. If you want a set of 2 for just $10 (plus S,H&T) I will take orders through Paypal friends and family for this item.  I wish it was available through my website so you could just grab a set or two of your own - but this is what I can do for you.  

I LOVE these.

If you need a pitcher for this upcoming summer season for your iced tea or fresh made lemon or limeade ... check out this one. 

Now you don't get to pick which one you get at this price but WOW for $12 its a deal that you can't go wrong on.

Same offer as above with the cupcake holders. Message me and I will get you a total price to send through Paypal and I will submit your order and have it shipped directly to you.

Just remember to get these at these AWESOME prices you MUST place your order with me no later than May 28th so that I am sure to have the order submitted by Friday before it is gone!

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