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Saturday, January 28, 2012

VitaMix 5200 Blogger Giveaway!

I know I had told you earlier this year that I was going to be on the look out for some great giveaways to pass on to you.  Well I have got one for you that will KNOCK your socks off!

Wouldn't you just LOVE to win a VitaMix 5200?
You know one of those fantastic PROFESSIONAL looking blenders that can do pretty much anything and everything your little ole heart desires??

Well here is THE place to check out for one of those babies!  But don't be waiting too long since there isn't much time left (and yes I just found it) I believe by the end of the month someone is going to be doing the happy dance with their VitaMix winging its way to them.

You want to check out TheBlenderGirl for your chance to win (Expires midnight Jan 31st 2012 - US and Canadian residents only) .... and if you could please tell them Kat1126 sent you ..... Thanks!

And if you are the winner  (and I do hope you are) ...... could you come back here and let us all know that YOU won THE BEST blender on the planet!!

I wish I could afford to be the one giving this baby away ....... but since I can't (maybe one day) make sure you check out  TheBlenderGirl for your chance!

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