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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Try Curves for YOUR Success Story

Well its almost a month into the new year........ can you believe its almost a MONTH into 2012?  I'm still find that hard to fathom. 

Did you make a resolution to lose weight this year?  Or to tone up to look and feel better?  Are you succeeding or are you having trouble getting to that place were you can be the star in your own Success Story? 

Every day, women who thought they couldn't get fit, find out that they can at Curves. You can burn up to 500 calories with their 30-minute workout, which combines strength training and cardio for a workout that works your entire body, from head to toe. It works every major muscle group and gives you results that last.

If you still want to try to make THIS the year that YOU find YOUR success - check out Curves.

New guests only. Offer not based on any enrollment. Not valid with any other offer. Some restrictions may apply. Valid only at participating locations in the US and Canada through 2/18/12.

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