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Monday, January 9, 2012

Three Important Stages of a Woman

Sometimes when I look at some of the "role models" that our little girls have I really have to cringe. 

I look at some of them and just want to take them by the ear and yell "WTF" 
Then when I really have their attention ask "What ARE you trying to prove?"   "Do you have ANY IDEA how bad you look/appear/seem to be?"  "Have you NO self-respect?"

You CAN be important, respected, looked up to without acting like an idiot.  They may be getting paid to act like idiots (as some say they are only playing a part and aren't really like this in real life) and paid very well, so that they can buy anything they ever want, but the one thing they can NEVER buy is CLASS.  

Forget the "in girls" Show your MIND, your ATTITUDE and your CLASS every time you open your eyes.

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Lynette said...

Amen sister...AMEN