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Monday, January 2, 2012

iPad2 Giveaway you just MUST enter

One of my blogger friends, Terri at TerrisLittleHaven  is part of an awesome giveaway for an iPad2 - 16GB WiFi 9.7 inch screen PLUS , an iTunes card and an awesome (and really pretty) iPad 2 Case from MacMommy Boutique.

I just knew I had to pass this one on to all my readers.  I know I entered - I mean come on who doesn't want an iPad2?  My daughter would absolutely LOVE this one to go back to classes with.  She has some heavy classes next semester (I can't believe some of the ones she picked!) considering she is trying to transfer in the Fall, and this would be great to have instead of lugging a laptop with the books she is going to have to carry.

I promise, I will post some of the really awesome giveaways that I find through out the year, whether I enter it or not, you know I may already have the items in the giveaway and I just don't have the room to too many duplicates.   

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