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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friendship Friday 3 – Inspiration

Friendship Friday Blog Hop

Question Of The Week
What Has Inspired You Most This Week?
(Submitted by Stacy at Scrap With Stacy)

I am amazed sometimes on what can inspire both me and others, sometimes its a picture or a joke (yes it does happen) or a quote. I am always looking for something that will make someone THINK.
This week I have been “jumping around” to some of the places that are on others blog rolls and I really have to say that there are some people out there that are really excelling in both survival and kindness. I don’t mean that in a bad way – its as if I have found folks that no matter what is thrown in their way …. they will survive and make US better for it.
I think I spent over an hour last night reading about the problems that have been going on with children and “undiagnosed” illnesses. And as sad is it was (thankfully they are still with us and still fighting) it showed me just how strong the parents and grandmoms are. And just how much faith can move mountains. And just how much better I have it … no matter how difficult things are at times – by comparison, I am in heaven already. I just hope that my subscriptions worked so that I don’t have to “find” them again (but I will if need be) because now I feel like those little children and their parents are part of my family too.

Now if you click on the link below the cute Friendship Friday Button, you can jump on over to Create with Joy and join in on the fun. You can enter your answer to this great question from Stacy and link up your blog to the list and find new friends as well. I know I will be there .... How about you?

This blog hop will be open all weekend so that you have plenty of time to post, link and mingle! Have fun making friends and be sure to join me next week for Inspire Me Monday and Wordless Wednesday!   Both of which are also being hosted by Create with Joy!  - She is just so good to us allowing us to link up with some great new friends.


Vanessa Morgan said...

Thanks for your follow and kind comment. Following you back now. If you want to review my two books, just let me know and I'll send you a pdf copy ;-)

Shari said...

Hi there! New fan here! I agree, that it is always amazing the places we can find inspiration!!

Marie said...

I agree with you that inspiration can be found almost anywhere and sometimes it really catches you by surprise -- I think that is sometimes the best inspiration -- when you least expect it!

Visiting from Friendship Friday

Create With Joy said...

Thanks for sharing & joining us at Friendship Friday! I saw your tweet & am now following you on Twitter as well!


Michelle said...

Love this and so very true! Stopping through on the Friendship Friday Hop. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.