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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Enjoy the Journey

we get so worried about WHERE we are going and HOW it will be WHEN we get there,
that we forget that it is often the JOURNEY that is most important

So are you going to continue rushing through life?  Or are you going to enjoy the journey?

Remember we all end up at the same place when the journey is finished - it's just how we got there that makes all the difference.  Think about it.


Beckvalleybooks said...

Love your post, add a quote today to our sunday is quote day x Thanks for poppping over for our weekend gathering hops, now following you via gfc and nb, hoping you will follow us back at http://www.beckvalleybooks.blogspot.com thks in advance x

Lynette said...

Very true. My thoughts are that how we treat others on our journey is as important as the walk itself.