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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tupperware ideas in Essential Tools for a Savory Summer

As a Tupperware Consultant, I get to see first hand what Tupperware feels are Essential Tools for each season.  
I am going to show you those items that are available in the current Summer Catalog. Some may be available in the Fall Catalog, but until I see the actual pre-released catalog, I can't tell for sure.

1) Fridge Stackables Family Set
With two 2¾-cup containers and one each 1.5-qt. container, grid and seal, it’s perfect for taking sandwich contents for picnic or beach outings.  

It's great for all kinds of "road trips" or just your daily lunch preparation.

2) Corkscrew
Uncork a cool glass of wine on those warm summer nights. Easy to use, and easily pops any cork without breakage every time.

3) Ice Cream Scoop
I scream, You scream, We all scream for ice cream! Cuts through the hardest ice cream, scoop after scoop.  My hubby "requested" this one to replace an old scoop we had.  He loves this one.
4) Hamburger Press and Keepers Set
Set of four seal-together Keepers, with top seal, press and ring to shape burger patties for backyard cookouts.  Great for making your burgers (beef, chicken, turkey) ahead of time too!
5) Zest ’N Press® Gadget
Add a touch of flavor to water and other beverages for a more fulfilling way to hydrate all summer long.  Or add that little "extra" (lemon or lime zest or nutmeg and so much more) to your dishes anytime.

6) Quick Chef® Pro System
Fresh summer salsas made exactly to your liking. Turning the handle easily controls the speed of processing, so your dish can be whatever consistency you desire.  

You can even make your own home-made ice cream with the help of this baby!

7) Fridge Smart Set
Helps to keep your fruit and veggies fresher longer.  The new design offers better air circulation and moisture protection for even longer lasting FRESH produce.  I rarely throw out anything now, we get to buy on sale and eat it all!  
Right now available as a BOGO, don't miss out. 

As you can probably guess, I have all of these, so you can say that I agree with Tupperware. And yes I really do use them, some every day and others at least weekly.  

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