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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Finding Dory at Lunch

Do you have a child that is in love with Dory, even before they have been able to see the movie?  Or maybe you just saw it and already they want to "find Dory".
I know when my kids were little, they would find something that they loved and we had (yes HAD) to find everything with that character.

If you have a lover of Finding Dory, Tupperware has the answer for you.  Check out this lunch set.
Set includes:
  • Sandwich Keeper, 
  • Snack Cup and 
  • 16-oz. tumbler with liquid-tight seal and flip-top spout
I need to get a set just for me ... I love to collect the Disney items we have at Tupperware.  

Check out Finding Dory and so much more, on my Tupperware Site.  You can shop any time of day or night .. and of course if you have a question, just give me a shout.  I love to talk about Tupperware.

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