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Sunday, May 15, 2016

It's the Tupperware Mid May Brochure for Grillmasters

I know I have a lot going on this weekend, but I wanted to make sure that you were able to see the mid May brochure 
with all the great pieces to get ready for Father's Day and of course the Summer BBQ season.

See I told you it would be about Dads and BBQs and Summer Fun!  Grillmasters will love these pieces, and of course the flexibility to make and store your creations until you are ready so you can still be part of the fun. 

I just love the colors and combos that will make getting ready for the exciting Grill Season so much easier.
I absolutely LOVE the Shake and Marinate Set for all things on the grill.  You can use it to marinate veggie kabobs and steaks or chicken or chops and have them ready for your cookout.  And the Quick Shake added in the set, means you can easily make your marinates or your own salad dressings to go with your veggies or salad.  Or you could use it as a cocktail shaker (shhh I shared that before here and here). 

Personally I use mine all year round.  At this price you get it all for what amounts to a steal. Don't miss out on this one.

The Surf and Turf containers are new, but are based on the same concept as our FridgeSmart containers that are a go-to in my kitchen to keep everything fresh longer.  Oh and they stack to use your fridge space smartly.

I'm excited about this new Mid May brochure. So many wonderful things to help you get ready for the outdoor party season!

Have a question?  Just ask, you know I love my Tupperware.  Remember, I still have my Tupperware Birthday Party going on so any orders that aren't from a friend's party, should go through this party and you COULD be the winner of the Birthday Party kit. 

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