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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

#Ozeri Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

To be able to say I am keeping Big Brother Happy. 
I received this product for free to facilitate my review, in exchange for my honest opinion. I will only highlight products I feel will be of benefit to my readers. For more information regarding product review, please refer to my media kit.

When I was first asked if I would like to try this one out, I had been thinking about what our new year "health" routine should be, especially since we had a scare with a false report of elevated pressure, so I jumped right on this one.
Ozeri BP5K Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Voice-Guided Positioning and Hypertension Indicator
One of the things that I really liked about it was that you didn't need to be a doctor or nurse or med tech to be able to use this product.  
It is really very easy to use and with the voice guided positioning you will always be at the correct position for monitoring.

If you have high (or low) blood pressure, or if it runs in your family, you should keep an eye on your pressure.  This is the perfect monitor to help you stay on top of things.
It is very compact, as you can see, and fits in its own carrying case.  That makes it perfect for travel or even to the office for readings at different times of day.

I think this would be perfect for keeping track of your blood pressure readings and pulse rates in between your doctor appointments.  

Especially if you doctor has voiced some concerns about your blood pressure levels.
Now this is not to replace going to the doctor, but it could be a way to alert you to a possible problem, or be an early warning for changes in your heart health.  

And with it's memory capabilities for 2 people that keeps 90 readings for each, you can easily take this with you to your next doctor's appointment to show him or her your readings in between visits!

I'm really happy that I was able to try the Ozeri Digital Blood Pressure Monitor.  It will be part of my health regiment from now on. Perhaps it is something that you should consider as part of your regiment too.

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