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Sunday, February 21, 2016

#liveinfinitely Muscle Roller Stick for a deep muscle massage at home or away

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This product, although rather simple in design, really does have a big impact on sore muscles.  I think that part of the reason for its impact is in it's simplicity.  It makes it easy to use and light enough to be able to use it with one hand, but using two hands gives you the most control and ability to increase the pressure as it rolls over those sore knotted muscles.

Muscle Roller Stick by Live Infinitively 

When this product first arrived I thought about how I was going to test it out in a timely fashion since nothing really hurt. Now I know that would normally be a good thing, and trust me I did think it was, except I really wanted to try this out. You know, put it through its paces.

Well as luck would have it I ended up hurting right arm, which is my dominant arm, making it more difficult to rub away the pain in an effective way. You see, I do everything with my right hand/arm, it seems that my left is more of a "steadier" not a "worker" arm.  It just seemed like I couldn't hit the spot or knead it enough to make the knot go away. It was then that the true test of the Massage Stick happened.

The Massage Stick was so handy and easy to use because it gave a great massage using only my left hand.  Yes, the stick did all the work. Now it didn't make the pain miraculously disappear, but it did help to work out the ache in a few days. I can even see this helping when my back tightens after sitting at my desk for too long.

Oh and when you sleep "wrong" and wake up with a crick in your neck or in your upper back, I can see this being a great help. At 18 inches it's not too big and bulky but also not so small to be ineffective. 

It has found that sweet spot for every need.  It's something that would easily fit in a backpack or gym bag to take with you while on the go. 

It is easy to use with little pressure, or you can increase the pressure with just the use of you hands for an even deeper massage.

It does come with a pamphlet with features and instructions with pictures to show you the best areas/ways to use this, but you really don't need the instructions. Common sense will tell you just how to use this Muscle Roller.

It is a natural fit for breaking up those knots and relieving those muscle cramps that happen even without regular exercise.

The only thing you really want to be careful with when using this Muscle Roller Stick, you want to make sure your hair is out of the way when you use this.  It is suggested that if the area that you are trying to use this product on is "overly" hairy, you cover the area with clothing.  I can see hair getting caught in the rollers if you aren't careful ... and that could be painful.  But other than that, I really couldn't find anything "negative" to say about this one.  

I think this is a winner!

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Terra Heck said...

I've heard of massage sticks before but have never used them. I think my teen son could benefit from something like this, to work out the kinks after his runs for Track and Cross Country.