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Thursday, February 18, 2016

#GotMeTipsy Wine Glasses for Wine Day

To be keeping Big Brother Happy. 
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Like many people I know, there are days that I look forward to coming home to a nice glass of wine that helps me wind down after a long day, especially if its been an exceptionally difficult day.

My Therapy Wine Glass
I thought this glass was perfect.
It offers no excuses, just states the obvious some days.

It could be the easy signal to your significant other, that it is not the time to mess with mama. You know, when the day has been bad, you really don't want the night to be bad as well.  

And then again, this could just be your wine glass for the end of day, any day.  Just because.

I like it!
What Night? Wine Glass

Now if its been a worse than a difficult day, you just might want something that makes a definite statement.

Something that will let everyone know what kind of night its going to be as you start to pour that glass of wine.

Here is the info on the What Night Wine Glass.  The information is the same for the My Therapy Wine Glass.

These are the perfect wine glasses for the wine lover in your life.  Especially if they have a sense of humor, like me.

Now if you needed another reason to have a glass of wine tonight ... 

ok its definitely the day to share your wine .. 

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