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Thursday, July 30, 2015

#ValentinaParis Hand Painted Wine Glasses

You may know that I am a wine lover.  
We love to go wine tasting in VA every year when we visit my parents.  Now its not just VA wines that we like, but we always find at least one if not more wines that we enjoy.  
And of course, bring home a bottle or two.
So when I had the opportunity to try these Wine Glasses I jumped at it.

I thought they really looked nice (and interesting) in their advertising photo above, but when they arrived at my house ... well lets just say the pictures did not do it justice.

These glasses are absolutely gorgeous.  So much so that when I was opening the box, my daughter's boyfriend was here and even he was impressed.  Let's face it, if wine glasses can impress a guy in his twenties ... they must be pretty special.

They are truly a work of art, designed in Paris by professional designers.  Since they are mouth-blown and hand-painted, no two are alike.  They are a really unique gift for you or for the wine lover you know.

They are really tall with a full bowl that holds a substantial amount of wine.  
The full bowl allows the wine to breathe and allows you to savor the flavor of both the fragrance of the wine as well as the taste.

You can check out these beautiful wine glasses on Amazon here.  I have my two in my China Hutch, but I really think I need to get a few more sets so that I can share with my friends and family that come to visit.  At the current price it is very doable.

Let me know what you think.  
I think it is perfect for every table.

I received my wine glasses at a large discount from ValentinaParis through Tomoso in exchange for my honest review.  I received no other compensation for my review.

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