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Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Tea Love Co Slender Blend Tea

I received a package of the Tea Love Co's Slender Blend Tea to assist in my review, I received no other compensation.  These are my thoughts on this product.  I hope it will be of use to you in your search for new products.

I have heard on more than one occasion that Green Tea has some pretty strong properties that assist in weight loss.  I think every plan I have ever read (or used) before have proclaimed that Green Tea is THE best thing to drink - right behind water!  This is also proclaimed in the company's description of their product.

The company notes that the tea's assistance in weight loss comes from the synergy of 3 of its main ingredients: natural caffeine to stimulate the metabolism, L-theanine which neutralizes the harmful side effects of caffeine and acts as an appetite suppressant, and EGCG which causes you to burn fat faster and more efficiently. They say that these ingredients are naturally occurring in our teas and not synthetically added.

One of the things that I really liked about this tea pack is that it gives a good supply of loose tea, that had a nice aroma when the package was opened.  It had one of those "zip/snap" closure so that it could stay closed and fresh once it was opened - sometimes tea packers seem to forget that and you either have to find something to put your loose tea in or have one heck of a large tea party.

If you have had Green Tea before, and I'm sure you have, you know that it has a much "lighter" taste than the usual Black Tea as well as being a much lighter color when it has been brewed.

One of the things that I was a bit discouraged by was the lack of "directions".   Yes the package notes that the serving was 1 tsp. but it neglected to mention how hot the water should be, how long it should be brewed.  Or even how many "cups" you should drink a day. So it was a learning process for me.  I know that different kinds of teas require different temperatures of water to brew correctly as well as how long.

I used a brew basket that I had (we really like loose teas) and added water that was just below boiling (or let it cool a little if it started to boil) and let it sit to brew for 5 minutes.

I can't say that it has made a difference with the weight loss or not. I'm not sure if it is because of the heat and humidity here in NJ or if I'm not drinking enough, but I do like the light flavor of the tea and will continue to it drink daily. Who knows, I could be really surprised when the weather changes here in the East and need to replace a few things in my closet. 

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