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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Zep - for when Cleaning is Required

I have been running around for the past few days getting things "settled" for a Vendor Show for Tupperware, getting some tax information/clarification for other's not mine, and some other normal day to day things and really haven't been home to do a lot more than "drop and run".

Thankfully I had the opportunity to try out Zep Cleaning Products because my stove looked like who did it and ran (thanks family) after the last cooking project. Now this wasn't the fault of one person, but since they didn't clean up after themselves, or at least it sure doesn't look like it, This was even worse then I've ever seen it!
Here was my stove this weekend ....

Yuck .... and of course some of it on the burner area was "baked" on so it was a really difficult test.

What I really liked about this product (Zep All-Around Cleaner and Degreaser) other than the fact that it really did work, was that it didn't require a huge amount of "muscle"  It really was as easy as spray, wait a minute or two, and wipe.

Because of the fact that it was "covered" with splatters and spills, some of which I bet were there for a while, it did take two passes to clean.  That burned on stuff in the upper left corner ... needed some elbow grease and a Brillo pad, but again I bet that wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't cooked and recooked before it was cleaned off.

I have a stainless steel boarder / lip on the front of my stove that I always have trouble with cleaning - requiring something different from the stove cleaner to keep it from looking splotchy.  That is until I used the Zep - I used the same cleaner on the stainless and wiped it "with the grain" and it was fine.  
That means one less thing I have to buy to clean the stove.  I'm all for that.

If you have some tough stuff to clean or want to know that it quickly clean virtually any surface you need to check out Zep All-Around with Oxy!

I would definitely recommend this product.

I also got to try the Quick Clean Disinfectant that kills 99.9% of bacteria in 5 seconds that cuts through grime and kills cold and flu viruses.  This one is great and I even gave one of the bottles to my daughter to take back to school for their bathrooms and kitchen area --- definitely don't need germs around the college kids while finals are just around the corner.

I really liked this one as well - but because its not as easy to see - the All-Around Cleaner & Degreaser was the best to show the effects.

I will definitely be getting more of these products to use around my home.

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