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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tupperware Seasons Brightest Savings for the week of Nov 22nd

This is an AWESOME deal on my Tupperware Site for those of us who are looking for something for those people who don't "need" anything.

I love the idea of using a Mega Thatsa Bowl to hold movie night ideas.  Fill with microwave popcorn, candies like you can get at the movie theater, soda and of course the movie!

How about adding the corkscrew to the Mega Thatsa Bowl with some crackers and cheese and a few apples or pears and a bottle of wine and cute towel or coasters?

The breakfast maker is so great for breakfast (obviously) but how about an individual brownie snack?  I can think of all kinds of things to make with this one from omelets and eggs (bet you could make 2 egg mcmuffin type sandwiches in there too) to muffins and more.

I use my microwave cereal bowls for oatmeal and granola.  I don't have to worry about a mess in the microwave the same way I do with a "regular" mug or bowl.  AND because it has a great seal I can take these to work to warm/cook in the microwave there and never have to worry about not having breakfast!

Any of these could be added to the Mega Thatsa Bowl to have a "party in a bowl" to give as a holiday gift or a house warming gift!  

There are so many wonderful options available on my Tupperware Site.  Check it out!  Each piece is discounted for this week only (Nov 22 to Nov 28) or you can get the entire set for $70, which is a savings of $50! You could take this entire set and break it into separate gifts ... stocking stuffers .... or keep it for yourself, yes you could do that too, its that good a deal!  

You could use the suggestions above, get the entire set plus some "extra" Mega Thatsa Bowls and have some great gifts.

Have questions?  Message me and I will try and help. 
Just remember this great deal ends at midnight November 28th!

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