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Saturday, November 15, 2014

It's Tupperware's Mid November Brochure

It's that time again ... the new mid month brochure is available today at Tupperware!  You can check out all of these on my Tupperware Site.

I know there are so many things that are available, you might be overwhelmed and need some suggestions.

Well here you go, some Yule time Shopping Strategies / Suggestions for those you just don't know what would be a perfect gift.

I hope that you will visit my Tupperware Site and do at least some of your holiday shopping. We have all kinds of great things for everyone in the family.

If you are a crafty one, who loves to make your own gifts from the kitchen, you might want to check out our Spaghetti Keeper.  I know you think what is she talking about?

How about all those cookies or brownies in a jar?  I know I love those, but I am always afraid that the jar will get knocked off the counter or off the shelf and all my hard work will have gone to waste AND nobody will get to use the fruits of my labor.  The Spaghetti Keeper by Tupperware works PERFECTLY for these - the seal keeps everything fresh AND no worries about cracks/breaks.  Oh and when they have made your recipe .. they can keep spaghetti in them!  And of course they will then think of you every time they have spaghetti for lunch or dinner.

See its a win - win!
I hope you will consider checking out my Tupperware Site and making your life a little less hectic this holiday season.

As always, when I have $175 in online orders each month, I will select 1 lucky purchaser to receive a gift from me ... pretty sweet don't you think?

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