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Saturday, June 25, 2016

SuperSummer Specials Until July 1st

I had another post I was going to do today on how to make a healthy snack or portable breakfast for those grab and go days, but I got this in my email this morning and I had to share this one first.  But don't worry that post will show up soon.

The prices on this flyer are ONLY available until midnight July 1st, but at these prices, I think they may just go fast.  I don't know what the stock numbers are, but if they are something that you would want - you should order sooner rather than later so you don't miss out.

They are available at these prices online, so you can shop on my Tupperware Site at any time this week and still get these great prices!  

Wonderlier Bowls are a staple (or should be) in our homes.   
The pitcher is a GALLON size, which is not the norm.  Most pitchers I see are at most 2 Quarts, so this one is a no brainer quick I want one pitcher.
The tumbler set is perfect.  I personally use mine by putting some of my chosen drink in the tumbler and freeze it.  Then I can add the rest of my drink and have a cold drink without having it watered down.  

Oh and just because I can, IF we sell at least 15 of these pieces this week, I will have a mystery drawing that will include everyone who makes a purchase.  The mystery drawing prize will be something Tupperware, the prize will depend on the number of pieces sold - more pieces the bigger the prize.

Don't miss out on these great pieces that will make your summer stress free and stops the worry about broken glass while at the pool or beach or event dining on the deck!

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