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Friday, June 10, 2016

Mid June Brochure Specials by Tupperware

I really love the Tupperware FridgeSmart Containers, and not just because I am a consultant.
I have my fruit and veggies lasting so much longer than before, which means when I buy in bulk, I don't throw out my savings.  
If I purchase from my local grocery store, I still have the benefit of having those purchases last longer than just having them in the refrigerator.

As the video shows, your fruits and veggies are stored in your refrigerator to keep them "organized" and "fresher" longer.  And as luck would have it you can get not one set but two for the price of 1 set in this mid month brochure, ending July 8th on my Tupperware Site.  You can get both sets for yourself or share with your girlfriend or family member so you both can start saving money by not wasting your fruits and veggies.

These are only available for a short time, ends June 24th at midnight, so if you are interested in these, don't miss out.  I love the Beverage Set for the Summer.  the Large FridgeSmart Container is great for those "long" veggies.

Check out my Tupperware Web Site to purchase any of these sale items or anything in the Full line Catalog.  
Want to do a party, a book party or a Facebook Party?  Talk to me and we can get you set up so that maybe you can earn some free Tupperware too!

And if you want to do what I do ... let me know.  We can chat about all the benefits of being a Tupperware Consultant.  If you want to just join my team ... you can even do that right from my Tupperware Site too by clicking the "Join Us" tab on the left.

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