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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Its a new Tupperware Month .. Mid February with a Presidents Challenge

I love when the new mid month brochure from Tupperware comes out.  There are always something new to check out on my Tupperware site, whether it is a new product, new product grouping, a vintage product making a surprise appearance or like this month a President's Challenge.

The North America and Canada President of Tupperware has challenged us to sell 16 of these products at the price of $16 each between today and Friday February 19th.  
I would love to be able to meet this challenge.
Will you help me?  Unfortunately they are only available when the order is placed by me, not online.  If you want to order these, shoot me a message and we will get an order placed for you.  Just remember these must be ordered before Friday, Feb 19th.

The Chip n Dip set is perfect for all kinds of chips and dips (you can have 2 different ones with the 2 cups).  But you can use it for a big salad and use the "cups" for different salad dressings.  Or even as a punch bowl.  Freeze the cups with punch and a complementary fruit and you can easily have a punch that will not be watered down as the night goes on. Or freeze those cups with plain water and use one upside down (with the seal) and it will keep the contents cold!

I love the tumblers because they are great for drip proof sipping. Insert a straw in the dripless seal spot and even your little ones won't be spilling their drinks!

The Chop n Prep is always on my counter, I use it almost every night for those small chopping needs, last night I used it for onions, peppers and carrots to go in my meat sauce.  These pieces shown here are available at these prices (and colors) for a short time.  They must be ordered from my Tupperware site before the end of day February 26th!  I LOVE the cupcake keepers ... perfect for your lunch.

The rest of the Mid-February brochure is shown here.  These pieces are available starting today until March 11th.   The girlfriend set, with multiple possibilities, are part of this brochure.

What is the girlfriend set you ask?
Well here is another great pic of the possibilities to share with your girlfriend so you each get a set of Tupperware and share the cost.

This is a great idea that you can customize so that you and one of girlfriend can share.  The base is the Krazy 8's set.  Some of you may really need all of the pieces yourself.  Others may only need 4 microwave cereal bowls and tumblers ... well grab someone else in your friends group that also only need 4 and you both get to share the items and the cost ... a win win for both of you.

Any questions, just leave me a message and I will get you an answer or help you get set up.  Want a party?  I am ready to help with that too.  If you just want to place an order ... jump on my current online party (see sidebar for current party link) and you could be my mystery hostess for the month!

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