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Thursday, February 25, 2016

#Intelliarmor for your charging station

I want to keep Big Brother Happy, so please note, 
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intelliARMOR 5A 4-Port USB Portable Wall Charger
I don't know about you, but in my house we have what always seems like a never ending clutter of charging cables.  I think I have more "extension octopus" setups for everyone to charge their daily must haves then I ever had.  And when we travel, I think the TSA people just roll their eyes will all the cables and charging bricks that appear in our carry-on bags.

The intelliARMOR 5A 4-Port USB Portable Wall Charger  is definitely a wonderful addition to my house and I bet it would be for yours as well.  

This is just my charging station.  In my house that means we have 2 more stations just like this.  I told you it is the extension octopus land here.

All the same charging cords now fit on one brick, I'm missing my kindle charger in these pictures because I took it to work and left it in my bag.  But there is still room for that one too!

I love how well it is packaged too.  It fits nicely in a compact box because the plug is on a rotating/collapsable piece so that it can be stored flat for travel.  Yes this does make it really convenient for travel.

I am impressed that it is intelligent enough, even though it is compact and small, to be used on all kinds of devices and that it will stop charging automatically when your devices are fully charged  No more "over charging" that causes battery issues in the past.  

I will definitely be getting more of these for my household and maybe one or two for travel, so we will always have a charging port available while in a hotel with multiple devices.  

The folks at Intelliarmor have graciously offered my readers a pretty nice discount, 20% off their purchase.  
Use code SmartPwr to grab one of these for your own.  Better yet, get one for everyone in your family so everyone will have an organized charging station. 

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