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Friday, February 12, 2016

#GotMeTipsy Coffee Mugs

To be keeping Big Brother Happy. 
I received this product for free to facilitate my review, in exchange for my honest opinion. I will only highlight products I feel will be of benefit to my readers. For more information regarding product review, please refer to my media kit.

I have to say that I am in love with this company.  They have the most fun ideas when they re-create every day products.

One of my co-workers shared this one with all of us shortly before I was getting ready to post this review.  It was so appropriate, I had to add this to the review.

Now we don't do this on Friday's, especially since Saturday is also a work day, but some days I bet there are many of us that wish we could.  You know some days just start out bad.  

I know that this mug is definitely going to make some people smile this tax season, me included since I am bringing this one to the office for the duration of tax season.  

#GotMeTipsy Coffee Mug

I don't think it will get me into too much trouble (insert smiley face here).

It would be a the perfect gift for the person who has everything or who really likes "funny" gifts.  Could you see giving this to your boss, filled with coffee of course, after a particularly difficult work week?

Got Me Tipsy is an interesting company with so many wonderful things that will make you smile.  I know it does me.  

If you like this mug, and I know you do, I'm willing to bet you will enjoy their wine glasses as well ... I have those too and will be sharing them very soon.


Sandra Watts said...

This is cute. I should get one. :)

Melissa Storms said...

That is a great mug for the office, a great conversation starter though.

jean602 said...

So cute!

jean602 said...

So cute!

Diann Pustay said...

Love the mug! I need to get one for my hubby, he'd love it.

Amber Ludwig said...

Love cute coffee mugs!! Im kind of an addict!! In fact the one Im drinking out of right now says... this might be wine lol!!

Anonymous said...

What a cute mug!

Tracy Cotton Pickin Cute said...

This would make your day go by much faster. haha. What a cute mug.

trishden said...

That is a funny mug. If I worked in an office where fellow employees could appreciate it, I would get one. Looks like good quality. Thanks for the review.

Laura said...

Haha! I love this mug! How funny! :)

Michelle J. said...

I like that there's text on both sides.

Marnie G (Derrick Todd) said...

Love it. I really enjoy having "fun" mugs.