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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Join my Team

It's no surprise that I love Tupperware.
It's no surprise that I am a Tupperware Consultant.
I get to "party" in my free time and earn money doing it.

If you were to join my team this month, you will get all kinds of wonderful things in your start up business kit (with $350 ARV in products) for just $30 down.  You can add the awesome Press Master Juicer for just $20 more (that's an $89 value)!  And if you have $450 in sales by July 31st (that includes anything you buy for yourself at a discount) you can add the Fusion Master Mincer attachment for just $10 (that's a $59 value).

When you have $900 in retail sales value (including things you buy for yourself at your discount) in the first 60 days, you pay nothing else for your business kit.  

There are all kinds of other things that you can earn, in addition to your sales commissions, while you are in what we call the Confident Start period - your first 13 weeks, including an iPad, mini iPad or our complete cookware set (this set is worth over $1000!).   Some of our "challenges" from the head office in Orlando are for everyone, even those in Confident Start, so you could be earning prizes and steps in the Confident Start program.  It's a win-win.

After your first 13 weeks (or if you finish the Confident Start program early and many have) you are eligible for all kinds of prizes.  You could win product, logo items, trips, or a car! Yes its a pretty awesome company to work for.

Interested?  I know you are.   
Message me or check out my Tupperware site where you can check it out even more.  If you are ready to join my team, you can do that right from my site too!

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