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Sunday, November 30, 2014

What true friendship is

I think I've heard this so many times from "little" kids.  
Oh she's my best friend.  She's my bestest friend.  
Sally is my bestest friend, you know she is right mom?

When I just heard this discussion the other day in the grocery store, my thoughts went to what IS the meaning of a best friend?  Can you have more than 1 best friend?

As we grow older, go away to school or our parents move us because of job changes or whatever, even our "bestest" friends can be separated from us.  But that doesn't mean that our "bestest" friends have left us.

I know I've had this happen, so its not just a saying.  
But true friends are friends forever, because no matter how many miles separate you - when you get together again, you can pick up on each others thoughts, and it is like you have never been separated for even 1 day.

Oh and that question I asked about having more than 1 ?? Of course you can.  Sometimes its because its a "different" time and you or they need someone "different" to get through that time.  

But lets face it ... 
if you have more than one best friend - 
you are pretty LUCKY.

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