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Monday, November 24, 2014

It's not about what you lost

I saw this a little while ago on my Cousin Fran's Facebook page.
I just knew I had to copy it and share because I think that everyone can take something from this - whether each piece in what was lost "fits" in your life right now or not.
It could in the future.
So please, read and think about it.
It really is VERY powerful, if you let it be.

It's not what you lost.

I've lost a parent
I've lost relationships
I've lost jobs
I've lost businesses

But I never lost my passion for life.

Life is amazing on so many levels
but you can only feel the power when you're in the game.

When you play small, trying to live by other's standards, life feels boring.

You feel trapped.
You become envious of others who are happy because they had the courage to play bigger than you.

When you experience a significant loss like the ones above,
you want to play the victim card.

Don't do it.

No matter how much you want to feel sorry for yourself,
it's a lose-lose proposition.

Life can be difficult
Integrity can be difficult.

Parenting can be difficult.
Leading can be difficult.

Family dynamics can be difficult.
Friendships can be difficult.

God never promised comfort,
He promised to be comforting.

There's plenty of victims in this world.
Some know how to play the role very well.

Then there are victors.
These are the people who understand you need to travel through the valley to reach the mountaintop.

Victims camp out in the valley and never leave.

Victors keep plowing forward,
taking others with them to the top.

Dream big today and then do something about it.

Playing small is not an option.
Being a victim is not an option.

Tell your doctor about your problems,
not the market place.

We want to know where you're going,
not where you've been.

Life is an amazing journey with ups, downs, setbacks and triumphs.
Drink it all in and enjoy each and every bit of it,

Because some day it will all be gone.

What do you think?  Is this not a powerful piece?

It was originally copied by my cousin from Sam Crowley's Facebook page - not sure if he wrote it or found it and put it on his page.  But this is the only "credit" I can give.
Thank you Sam for sharing - I'm trying to extend its reach!

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