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Sunday, September 11, 2016

15 years since that day 9/11/2001 Never Forget

I know I try to post inspirational things or great products that I see or try but today is my post about a day in history that I personally will never forget.  Although the Freedom Tower has finally been completed, I still miss seeing the Twin Towers from a spot in one of the towns surrounding my town. 

It was in that day that many of my fellow US citizens lost their lives in that horrendous act done by Islamic Terrorists.

I have no posts planned for today, other than this.
I encourage you to go read my post on the 12th anniversary of this fateful day.

I hope and pray to God, that we never ever have to deal with this on our soil again.  

Never again should our men and women of the fire service need to deal with the enormity of that day.  
They lost many that day and in the days that followed.  

Their jobs are difficult enough, they risk enough every day just "doing their jobs",  I pray they never need to add more days like this.  
I guess having a professional fireman in my immediate family makes this even more "chilling" for me, because I know that when everyone else is running away from the terror ... he is one of those that is running towards it.

Let us not forget those who lost all
Not after 15 years 
Not ever.

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Kathy E. said...

God, protect us all. Amen.