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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tupperware Mid September Brochure

I hope that you were able to grab those great lunch specials from the Mid August Brochure that ended at midnight last night.  I was sad to see that one end BUT I have a FABULOUS Mid September Brochure to share that have some extra AWESOMENESS built in.  You can check these and so much more on My Tupperware Site.  But here is a "sneak peek" for you.

These are just so CUTE!!!  And just in time for that Halloween Season when everyone is trying to figure out what to do with their kids for Halloween.  I just LOVE the Sidekicks Candy Canister and wish they had them when my kids were little.  No more looking for something to collect their "haul" of candy as they walk around.  No more worry about ripped bags or shredded pillow cases!  And those snack packs are the BOMB!!  Think about being able to send those to school in their lunch boxes during Halloween week ... talk about being the BIGGEST hit!!

There are some really AWESOME AWESOME deals in this mid-September brochure. Yes we have some Halloween themed pieces (and you really really want to grab those quick) but how about for those of us who are trying to eat "healthier" you ask? 

Well check out that Smart Steamer!  This is an AMAZING price for this piece.  I absolutely LOVE mine.  I use it often because I can do a TRUE steam in the Microwave!  Yes the food isn't cooked by microwaves it is cooked by steam!  And at the sale price you are saving $44!

If you would also like to include our Vent n Serve 6 pc set in the new Purplish color with your Smart Steamer you can grab both as a set in this catalog for a savings of $89.50!!  Yes a HUGE savings!

I absolutely LOVE the color and the pieces.  I use mine all the time.  The other day I needed a "dessert" and of course it was last minute.  I made a very nice chocolaty/fudgy and wonderful brownie in my Large Shallow Vent n Serve in the microwave in about 15 minutes!  Yes 15 minutes from mixing to resting and then on everyone's "plate" to savor.

Now here's an added deal if you purchase the Smart Steamer from ME.  I will send you the collection of recipes that I have for the Smart Steamer to get you started, FREE.  This way you can make all kinds of wonderful meals in your Smart Steamer without worry.  These recipes have already been tested by many consultants, so it will cut out a lot of your own trial and error.

If you purchase the larger set - Smart Steamer and 6 piece Vent n Serve - I will send you the Smart Steamer recipes I have, as well as the Vent n Serve recipes I have, again FREE if you purchase from me or my site.

I know you are very interested, so check out my Tupperware Site and jump in on the fun!

Have questions?  You can email me and I will get you the answers.  Want to have a party?  Email me and I can get you set up for a party where you can earn FREE Tupperware.  It can be a Facebook party, a Book party, a combination of the two ... you name it we can try and get it set up for you.

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