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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Meet Andrea Pearson and get your copy of Discern

Andrea Pearson and several authors have put together a really awesome eBook promotion that I wanted to share with you today.

If you love romances for free or $0.99, you'll love the lineup they've gotten set up, that you can check out here.   It includes books from all the authors in the promotion.   

But before you buy any of Andrea's books, check out the Amazon Kindle eBook store, you can pick up a few of her books, including Discern and The Key of Kilenya for FREE as I write this - so check it out.  

She is so excited that so many are enjoying her writing and is thrilled that Amazon has some of her books for free!

Right now the FREE even includes Andrea's latest book Discern!

You can check out all the eBooks in this promotion here.

Andrea's book launch for Discern, Katon University Book One is happening TODAY, and is available for purchase.  

I knew as soon as I heard it was published that I was definitely picking this one up!  
I LOVED her Kilenya Series, so I'm hoping this one will be just as wonderful.  I am sure it will be.  It hasn't even been promoted yet and its already climbing the Amazon best sellers lists!

Now if you have nothing else to do today or even if you do and you're in the area of the Viridian Event Center you might want to check out the Local Authors and You Event at the Viridian Event Center (8030 South 1825 West, in West Jordan, UT) between the hours of 1pm and 5pm.

There will be almost FIFTY authors participating in this event!  So I can see this being an awesome event to attend. Especially if you are trying to get your teens into reading for the sake of reading.  We know they need to read but many (and my kids were in this group for awhile) grudgingly read for classes, but didn't really want to experience the joy of reading.  

These authors could be just the ticket to sparking that interest in your young "adults" (as they like to be known).
These authors are seriously excited, which will resonate with your kids and of course they are hoping for a really big crowd. 

If you can make it ... tell Andrea that Kat from Inspiration CAN be Found EVERYWHERE said hi and congratulations!

Andrea will have all of her books available, including Discern (Katon 1) and Samara, A Kilenya Romance, which has never been in print before. I have read them all, except Discern, and thought it was a well written series.

Also, she'll be selling charm necklaces based on covers in the Kilenya Series. (Books one, two, and five, with the rest coming soon.)  I am betting the keys will look really sharp!

I wish I was going to be able to be there ... but I'm a "few" States away and with the way air traffic has been the last few days ... I would have had to have left this past Monday to be able to be there (and I'm thinking my boss wouldn't have understood)

Want to know more, visit Andrea Pearson; Author of the Kilenya Series, Kilenya Romances, and Katon University series at http://andreapearsonbooks.com

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