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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Smart Steamer for Healthier Meals

Good morning!!!!  It is a wonderful cool clear day here in New Jersey ... not hot and muggy as we have had on and off this past week or so.  I hope it is a wonderful morning for you as well.

I wanted to share with you the fantastic deal that Tupperware has going on with the Mid-September brochure that may have gotten "lost" in the rest of the great pieces that are on sale this month that includes some really cute Halloween pieces.  You can always check out what is new or on sale by visiting my New Tupperware Site ... its' open 24/7 and of course you can always message me!

The deal I am talking about is the Smart Steamer.  What I love about this piece is that you can do a TRUE steaming using the microwave.  Yes in the microwave.  The only piece that is "cooked" in the microwave is the water ... that then turns into steam to create your "masterpiece".

This piece is on sale this month for just $75! 

There is also a companion piece that is only on sale for 2 weeks (ending 9/26 that gets you some additional pieces, like mini cups to make poached eggs) for $24. 

And if you purchase it from me I will personally send you the recipes I have for the Smart Steamer to get you started! 

There are a few "other" ways you can grab this deal ... like picking up the Smart Steamer with the 6 piece Vent n Serve in an awesome purple color.  And if you grab these I will send you both my Smart Steamer recipes AND my Vent n Serve recipes.

Check out these and so much more on my NEW Tupperware Web Site!

You can also talk to me about having your own party (facebook or book or combination of the two) to earn all kinds of great deals ... but you need to do that quick if you want to earn this Steam, Store and Save set above (only available until 9/26/14 so I must submit the party by midnight Eastern time)

Always some great hostess bonuses you can earn ... so Talk to Me!

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