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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Are you grateful?

I am not a huge Oprah fan.  I admit it.
Now I know some of you will be clicking right past this post because I said that, but there are things that she has said or done, that I don't agree with.  There are things, like this that just needs to be broadcasted to as many people as possible - it is that powerful.

I think if more people were grateful for the things that they have today, and not coveting what others have or even hating someone who has more or different things, we would be in a better place.  Some have more or different things because they earned them -- worked for them -- gave up other things to get it.

If you are grateful for what you have, for what you have earned .... you might actually be happy with where you are and able to see what you need to do to move up to the next level YOU want to accomplish.

Hand outs are not the answer.
Redistribution of wealth is not the answer.

Lets start by being happy with what we have and where we are right now ...
and then work towards getting whatever else we want.

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