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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

October is a very "busy" month for birthday's in my family,
First it was mine, then my brother John and now my Mom!

It is the start of a very busy time for celebrations (somehow the last half of the year is a constant celebration for us) at least in this family.

I know this is the same picture I used for my Dad's birthday last month ....... but I don't have a more current picture of mom (we don't get to see her until Thanksgiving) but I will get another one to put up.

Mom is 76 years old today!  I think she looks pretty darned good for 76, don't you?

Happy Birthday Mom ..... I hope today is a FANTASTIC day filled with only good things, and just the start of a FABULOUS new year!  Talk to you later today.

Can't wait to see you.
I just noticed that the cake carrier is an old Tupperware Rectangle Cake Carrier!  Geez even mom knows Tupperware lasts FOREVER!

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Sofia said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!