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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Who is this Fireman ? Do you know?

I know I have shared a lot of things that my daughter Jenn has done and continues to do, including pictures both on here and on Facebook, but my son has been a bit of a "mystery" to some.

Jenn has "friended" me on Facebook - I know they say you shouldn't be on your kids Facebook page because you just never know what it is you might see.  But it has worked ok for us.  The fact that she still lives at home (albeit only on the weekends soon when she goes away to school) I don't have to see her Facebook Page to know what is going on in her life.

Now Dan on the other hand has absolutely NO desire to "friend" me so for the most part I have NO idea what is going on in his life.  You see, just in case you didn't know, he moved away in the Fall of 2009 when he was hired as a Fireman.   He went through the Fire Academy and graduated in the Spring of 2010 and we knew at that point, without a doubt, he wasn't coming home again.  We have always been extremely proud of our son - he has accomplished so much but we know still has so much more he wants to accomplish.

He still has lots of exciting things going on in his life, and maybe we will find out about some of them around the time they happen and then again ........ we may just find out in passing, if someone remembers to tell us.  And then again we may never find out unless someone else tells us. 

This was a picture that was taken after the jet crash back in April, which although he was working and what happened was not good - I think its a really good picture of him.  So if anyone sees something exciting about this fireman  ....... do you think that just maybe you could let mom know ?? Just in case she hasn't seen or heard anything about it..... Just saying.  Mom's are usually the last to know anything but this one would like to make sure she at least hears about them.

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