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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jessica Georgia Woelk and the 90 Day Challenge

Do you know this lady?   Have you seen her around?  
Is she not adorable?  I think she is the cutest.  
I'm here to tell you that she could become one of the most important people you know.
How you ask?  Let me tell you.
  1. If you are even remotely interested in losing weight - this woman has a key.   
  2. If you are interested in maintaining what you have lost and not letting it creep back on  - once again, look to this woman for the key.
Have you heard of Body by Vi?
Have you heard of the 90 Day Challenge?
Jessica has and has taken part in the

This lady is living proof that it works!
She has the enthusiasm for this program that will just make you want to do it.  

She's not a sales person, but she will sell you the program.
BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, she is definitely not a "sell the product and move on to the next sucker" type of person.  We have all met these type of people - but that is definitely NOT Jessica.

She believes in this program because she has seen it work!  
You see, she is a success story.  

She is so enthusiastic and bubbly and fun.  Yes I said fun!   

Just talking with her for a few minutes (OK so we were talking for much more than that) made me want to look into this program.

Even these make the program look and sound FABULOUS.  It looks like you could have a different shake every time so you would never get bored or tired of "same ole, same ole".  I sure you know what I mean.  It really does look like the possibilities are endless - or only as limited as your imagination.  I really think Jessica and I are going to have to have another chat.  What do you think?  Are you with me on this?  Shall we get Jessica to set up our very own 90 Day Challenge?

If you are getting psyched about this program, like me, and you think you might want to do our very own 90 Day Challenge AND want to know how you may be able to get your monthly shipment FREE (yes I said FREE) send me a message and we can talk about how that is possible.  Check out Jessica's Facebook Page too.  This could just the that last little push you need to accept the Challenge!  Come on, your health is worth the time it takes to check this out, right?

Can't wait to hear from you and to get you set up with Jessica and The 90 Day Challenge!


Nicole Dolisi said...

Best decision of my life! You can't beat the taste of the shake mix that taste like cake mix and getting fit with your friends!!

Kat @ Inspiration CAN be Found Everywhere said...

Just looking at the possible combinations of shakes you can make is a BONUS draw for me. I know that even if I have 2 shakes a day I won't have to worry about burn out like on some other plans. That's a real plus for me - and losing weight with something tasty - how can that be bad?

Ashlee Meisenheimer said...

Had the pleasure of meeting her over the weekend, and yes she definently is all about helping you through the challenge and not just wanting to add a number to her quota! She has lots of insight and information, as well as tons of motivation to help you meet your goals!

Jennifer said...

No doubt these shakes have helped me save time and money and improved my nutrition. My whole family loves them. We get creative and add it to our foods like oatmeal, yogurt, pancakes and the kids favorites, popsicles.

90 day challenge said...

this is really great to know that product like this really works like magic. thanks for sharing the information about this product. looking forward to do something with it.

90 day challenge