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Friday, August 12, 2011

Slow Cooker or Crock Pot Cooking

Yes I know it is August.  Yes I know it is really really hot out.  Yes I know its BBQ season. 

But sometimes you just don't want to be a slave to cooking.  Sometimes you do not want to even think of being around a hot cooking appliance (stove, oven, grill) and just the thought of it makes you sweat even more.  Or, if you are a "think in advance" type of person, you are  plotting, I mean, planning your fall/winter menu.  And sometimes you know you really can't even boil water without burning it so you just need help that doesn't make you feel like an idiot and will allow you to prepare meals that will wow even your biggest critic.

As I'm sure you know already, Borders, the wonderful bookstore my daughter use to inhabit during her "manga" stage, is closing its doors. Because of this they have been having some really great sales to get rid of their inventory - and there is LOTS of inventory to get rid of!

I found 2 books that I just HAD to have. I had been following Stephanie O'Dea and her blog during her Year of Slow Cooking to see what she came up with each day.  I kept saying I had to find her book (original) and then before I even got the first one she did a second one!  Well I no longer have to say "I need to find her books" because as I wondered around the aisles looking for Christmas gifts ....... I found them!

The first one I found was Make it Fast, Cook it Slow - her original book

And then I found her second book More Make it Fast, Cook it Slow

I have to say I am already in heaven thinking and plotting planning what I am going to be preparing starting this fall.  I already know I need another crock pot (may have to be a Santa request) because my "small" 3 quart one is on its last legs and my 6 quart is great but is probably a little too big for some of the recipes I've already been drooling over.

I even found a recipe that she says is sooooo easy that I am going to try this weekend.... make your own home-made yogurt!  I go through so much greek yogurt since starting the Dukan Diet that I think I need to either learn how to make my own, or buy stock in a yogurt company.

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