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Monday, August 15, 2011

Coffee and Coffeemakers

I will admit I have an addiction ......... 
I am addicted to Coffee!  

I NEED coffee - no ifs, ands or buts.

I had recently replaced my coffee maker for a number of reasons but the "last straw" was the forever blinking light telling me to "clean the coffeemaker".  No matter how many times I cleaned it - using vinegar and water or one of those commercially available cleaners the light kept blinking, even when I had just cleaned it.  I had purchased a Hamilton Beach 12 cup Programmable Coffeemaker so that I wouldn't come down one morning to a totally broken coffeemaker ...... now THAT would be a disaster.

I have to say this was the WORST purchase I have EVER made!  There I said it - it is THE WORST.  This Hamilton Beach coffeemaker was on sale, so I should have been a bit wary right off the bat, but I thought oh no Hamilton Beach is a good company, it will be fine - its a great deal.  WRONG

I made 1 pot with this machine and started to doubt my purchase.  My permanent filter does NOT fit in this machine even though it has fit in every other cone shaped filter basket I have ever owned.  The lid (that covers the water and coffee grounds) is not very secure - in fact, if you push on it - even full - it wobbles.  The biggest problem though is the carafe itself - you can NOT pour a cup of coffee - no matter how much coffee is in the pot - without it dribbling/pouring out onto the counter as well as into your cup.  I mean seriously - I had a 14 cup pot on my old machine that didn't drip even if it was super full - this one is a 12 cup pot and I end up with 1/3 of it on the counter no matter how careful you pour?  What is up with that - other than an obvious poor design?

Unfortunately I read the reviews for this coffeemaker AFTER I purchased it and started using it.  I'm not the only one that seems to have a problem with this coffeemaker.  I also didn't see any "solutions" offered by the company or anyone else - so I'm thinking its a lost cause.

I'm already looking into a new coffeemaker.  Not a good review point for the Hamilton Beach.  I will ditch this coffeemaker as soon as I can - it is just not worth it.  Yes it was on sale so I didn't pay the $40 normal price - however the $25 I paid for it was an OVERPAYMENT.

So tell me ...
What coffeemaker do you have?  Do you like it and why.
What coffeemaker do you want and why?

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