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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Fresh Diet - could this be YOUR ticket to the slimmer you?

I was directed to this great website that had some great hints on  bad mood busters to help me in my ongoing trial to lose weight.  Losing weight and keeping it off is as much mental and emotional as it is physical and "calories".   I'm beginning to think mine will be a never ending trial - but that's whole 'nother problem.

The great place that pointed me in this direction was thefreshdiet.com.  

Even if you aren't a customer, you can join them on Facebook to follow along with some of the successful users as well as those on their journey.  I actually found them originally through a friend on Facebook, who started using their product and posting about how good it was.  I met Donna when we were both doing the Nutrisystem program.  Donna had fantastic results and is using The Fresh Diet to keep it off.  And it seems to be working - and working WELL.

There was also a review of The Fresh Diet here (diets in review) which was done before they opened their latest "route" in San Francisco, but that just started this past week.

Although it is a little expensive (but can you really put a price on good food and good health?), they are having all kinds of "contests" on Facebook ( TheFreshDiet ) to help you either try their product or if you are already a customer, give you a free week or two.  In other words - its a win win situation whether you already tried their product and love it or want to try their product.  Some contests are just for "non" customers and others are for anyone.  The current contest is a video contest - with the grand prize giving 2 MONTHS free, runner up gets 1 MONTH free - how awesome is that!

And they have a blog!  I really love bloggerland!  Check out their blog.thefreshdiet.com

Personally, I am trying to rearrange my expenses so that I can do this for a month or so (or more but hey I can dream).  I'm hoping that after we get back from vacation and Jenn goes back to school (thank God tuition is already paid this semester) I will have enough funds put aside to do this.  But I am still going to try to win one of their contests (I keep trying Jim, really I do - just in case you were to read this) but somehow I will figure out a way to do this program.

Check it out - you might decide that this program is for you too!

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