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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bargain Shopping Online

Do you like to shop? 
Do you like to shop online?  (mmm no crowds, no pushing to get the best product on sale)
Do you like to recieve "bargains" when you shop?
Do you like to feel like you are getting a steal because you can get the same thing as your neighbor .... but at a lower price?

If these make you say "mmmmm" and "yes I do" - then you need to check out ebates.  There is a discount for so many stores (I'm still going through them all) that just seem to be unbelievable.    It just looks like you could get just about anything at a "discount" with the cash back %age they offer.  Many have free shipping with the cash back!  The stores in this list look like all the stores I shop at already or have thought about shopping at but haven't yet done so.  But I will say with the benefits offered, I may be shopping at these stores too, very very soon.

You really should check it out at ebates.com where you can set up an account (its free) and then start shopping with your cash back options.

I'll see you there!

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